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eLearningPages™ are micro-lessons that are pushed to learners based on profiles and parameters built in partnership with parents, teachers and school districts.  Learners have access to short video trainings and other support content that allows us to PUSHknowledge for consistent positive reinforcement of Independent Learner Profiles (ILP’s) or goals. Learners are able to access micro-content that is focused, specific and consistent with State Curriculum Standards.


iMathways™ Series for Math K-12 300 Courses and Counting

iSpeakSense™ Series for English K-12 180 Courses and Counting

iSciWays™ Series for Science K-12 300 Courses and Counting

iStudySocial™ Series for Social Studies K-12 400 Courses and Counting


MicroContentCourses™ are the primary eDelivery system for Supportive Curriculums™.   MicroContentCourses™ are self-contained learner support models that are meant to supplement, compliment and support traditional and non-traditional learners and learning environments.  MicroContentCourses™  utilizes  the EDUbridjes™ Model, which brings life to concepts of cultural, multi-cultural, and aesthetic based learning.  MicroContentCourses™ are created to be applicable to every K-12 learner and we utilize research, design and subject matter mastery to ensure the highest quality of instruction and support.  MicroContentCourses™ are HTML5 based,  which allows the courses to be available on every mobile and PC interface.  MicroContentCourses™ include video training, power points and assessments .  Through MicroContentCourses™, training is available every minute of every day.

MicroContentCourses™ are not a replacement for classroom instruction, they are meant to support classroom instruction in a comprehensive way .


The team at eduocity has developed the “We Learn We Grow” platform to address the dilemma of early childhood education within urban communities and beyond. Our effort is to create the practical learner.  Additionally, it is our effort to create solutions through which parents, guardians, caregivers and teachers can optimize their participation in the learning process. We improve learner achievement and outcomes through engagement. Simultaneous to this value is the positive acceleration of substantive outcomes in the way of readiness and preparedness to learn. The promotion of cultural, multi-cultural and aesthetic based learning tools brings a level practicality, relevance, substance and connectivity to the subject matter. We are introducing our early learning tools to the world as a means of creating belonging and ownership of learning. 

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